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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flag Hill, Sunol Regional Wilderness Paintout with the CAC

 Flag Hill Summer ( Sunol RW) 14 x 21 watercolor

In July I spent a great Saturday with artists from the California Art Club at the Sunol Regional Wilderness. A nice breeze in the morning and a warm afternoon.  Flag Hill caught my eye. It had interesting rocks exposing the ridge structure underneath.
I thought a lot about the sky value in this one, the convention is to make the sky pale at the horizon, but when looking up at a ridge against the middle of the sky you do get the sense that the blue in the sky is a darker value than the gold on the hills. I pushed this as dark as I dared, I've ruined paintings in the past using french ultramarine to push the sky too dark.
I have a new favorite blue, which I purchased only because regular cobalt blue was out of stock, cobalt blue deep, which has a lot more strength as a mixer than regular cobalt.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

International perspective on watercolor

I have been enjoying a blog dedicated to watercolor in French thanks to Google translate. It has a wide perspective on watercolor. The author has kindly included a link to my blog under the heading  " mes coups de coeur" or his favorites. Which given the quality of the art posted is pretty amazing,
I feel like this is one of those connections that would never happen without the internet .
Here is a link to the blog:


Visit and enjoy!